Room 207

Room 207
Yahoo! Here we go 4th graders!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Helping Others and Learning Too!

The past few weeks the 4th Graders of 207 have been helping out younger students in various ways. 

"Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?"
We visited our Kindergarten Buddies in Mrs. Parnell's room to do some snowman activities.  First we did a Snowman Glyph to learn some similarities and differences between the fourth graders and the kindergartners.  Then we drew snowmen based on the information from the glyph on our ipads using Drawing Pad.  As a class we created a graph of our data and compared the 4th grade information with the Kindergarten information.  Finally we went outside and worked on our problem solving skills, communication and compromising as we made snowmen in the snow.  "We learned a lot and had fun too," said a 207er.

"Aw, We're Halfway There!"
Today is day 90, halfway through the school year.  To help Miss Varrell's second graders celebrate, we helped them learn about symmetry by finding items that are symmetrical by cutting them in half.  We brainstormed a bunch of shapes and items in our world around us that are symmetrical.  Next we drew them and cut them in half to prove that they have a line of symmetry.  We made headbands and necklaces that portrayed some of the amazing symmetrical objects.  This will help us as we move into our fraction units in the next few weeks.  The 207ers had fun "being teachers" they said and clearly you can tell a great time was had by all!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Eagle Scout Project at PG

Image result for garden beds clipart

Every year the Science Center works with Scouts in Burlington. Ethan Rousseau is a Burlington Scout who contacted the Science Center for potential Eagle Scout projects connecting with the schools and community. Ethan decided on building a school garden at Pine Glen Elementary School, including raised beds and a fence. Please pass the word along to help support him! Thank you!

Back to School in 2017

We are up and running in 207!  Our 4th graders are mastering routines and showing what amazing role models they are already.  We have done many group activities to work on our communication and compromising skills.  Check out all of the fun we have had in September!
Awesome 207ers!

Penny Challenge...What happens when vinegar, salt and pennies are mixed together.

Making observations

I wonder what happened.

We learned some interesting things about each other.  Did you know Frankie is a champion chess player?

Ava loves making slime.

We did a Marshmallow Challenge.

First we drew a design.

Then we started to build.

We used teamwork to build a structure.

We had a lot of different ideas for ways to hold up a Marshmallow.

Some of us made very tall structures.

Some realized that their structure needed support on the bottom.

Will it hold?


We are proud of our Writer's Notebooks.

We have some special skills.

Wow!!!  Ava is very flexible!

Josh has some dabbing skills.

Ashlee's Notebooks are very colorful!

We are amazing!

Judy read us a fun story about a Lake Monster named Hudson.
Ava and Hannah work together to flip a marshmallow.
Joe and Shea had a different design for their flipper.
We built Marshmallow Flippers.
Pine Glen had deer walking around.  Wildlife is everywhere!

What is a Social Scientist? We practice our presentation skills making and presenting posters.
 Aarushi and Matty decided that their first design was not as successful.

 Colin and Chris thought their design looked like a spaceship.
 Ashlee and Sophie were very happy with their design.