Room 207

Room 207
Yahoo! Here we go 4th graders!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Ancestor Dolls

As part of our immigration unit, the students of 213 have interviewed family members to learn about their ancestors.  This has facilitated wonderful conversations among families about their heritage, culture and traditions.  Our first project was to create a doll inspired by their ancestors.  The students were extremely proud of their dolls and couldn't wait to share them with their classmates.  This is one of my favorite projects that we do because of way the students choose to represent their ancestors, as well as the variety of materials that they use.  Each doll is different and unique.  I love hearing about my students' family history because I always learn new things.  Below are a few examples:
The students used many different materials.  Catalina's doll was from Poland.
Mia was very proud of her doll's outfit based on her Puerto Rican heritage.
Ellie opted to make two dolls to represent her great grandparents.

Some of the students even brought in pictures of their ancestors. Ayden's doll was from Italy.

Tristan's doll is Irish.

Alyvia based her doll on her Papa's father who was from Ireland.
Paul's doll was from Ireland and he dressed her with a shamrock dress.

Some students even added accessories to their dolls.

CJ did a wonderful job explaining how he made his doll.

The woman who inspired this doll was the oldest of 12!

Turkey Trot

First, second and third!
        It was a bit chilly and began to rain, but we had a very successful Turkey Trot and Walk-a-thon!  The Turkey Trot was one lap around the school.  The students who participated in this event (and even many who didn't run) brought in non-perishable items for the local food pantry.  The bin was overflowing at times, which was a wonderful example of the generosity of Pine Glen families.  In addition, many of our students raised funds for the Walk-a-thon to benefit our own PTO.  We walked 4 laps around the school with the enthusiasm of fourth graders chanting "Left...right...left, right, left."

 Here are a few photos from our run and walk: 

Ready, Set, Go!

Ya, Theo!  3rd place!

CJ and Joey are headed toward the finish line!

Great job Paul!

Ayden is about to cross the finish line!
It's a Risman sandwich!
Smiles as we cheer on our friends...
Go, girls, go!

Alyvia breaks the tape!

Awesome run, Ella!

Alright Mia!

Catalina was our Walk-a-thon leader!

Friday, November 14, 2014

A Short Week in Review

We had a very busy week in 213 even though it was so short!

Cups, Quarts and Gallons...

We did some predicting this week to determine how many cups are in a quart and how many quarts are in a gallon.  Then we figured out how many cups are in a gallon!  Do you know the answer?

Judy read a fun story to us this week about a little boy that attempts to persuade his librarian to allow him to bring a woolly mammoth into the library.  The author used a lot of figurative language that created awesome imagery.  The book also had fantastic illustrations.  We looked up facts about Melvil Dewey who created the Dewey Decimal System.

Ella was one of our buyers this week!  She opted to buy "time with Tremont."  Ella enjoyed some time holding our little furry friend and petting him.  "He's very soft," she said.  Mia and Caitlyn are also our DJ's for a day on Monday.

Student Council Representatives

We all voted!  This week our Student Council representatives were chosen by room 213.  Each candidate read their speech about why they were the best for the job.  The students had some really great ideas to improve our school!  Once the ballots were filled out and the votes were tallied, the students who will represent Student Council are Emma N. and Ella G.  Congratulations to all of our candidates and to our new representatives!


Great weather, excited students, supportive parents, amazing Science Center, crazy hat day, AND Halloween!  Fourth graders had such a spooktacular time setting off their rockets today at Pine Glen.  Thank you to Ms. Pavlicek and Mr. Musselman for all that you do to create hands-on science experiences for our students.

Ms. Pavlicek as Rocket Girl!

Joey caught his rocket!

Mr. Larkin got to set off the rocket that had more power!