Room 207

Room 207
Yahoo! Here we go 4th graders!

Friday, November 14, 2014

A Short Week in Review

We had a very busy week in 213 even though it was so short!

Cups, Quarts and Gallons...

We did some predicting this week to determine how many cups are in a quart and how many quarts are in a gallon.  Then we figured out how many cups are in a gallon!  Do you know the answer?

Judy read a fun story to us this week about a little boy that attempts to persuade his librarian to allow him to bring a woolly mammoth into the library.  The author used a lot of figurative language that created awesome imagery.  The book also had fantastic illustrations.  We looked up facts about Melvil Dewey who created the Dewey Decimal System.

Ella was one of our buyers this week!  She opted to buy "time with Tremont."  Ella enjoyed some time holding our little furry friend and petting him.  "He's very soft," she said.  Mia and Caitlyn are also our DJ's for a day on Monday.

Student Council Representatives

We all voted!  This week our Student Council representatives were chosen by room 213.  Each candidate read their speech about why they were the best for the job.  The students had some really great ideas to improve our school!  Once the ballots were filled out and the votes were tallied, the students who will represent Student Council are Emma N. and Ella G.  Congratulations to all of our candidates and to our new representatives!


Great weather, excited students, supportive parents, amazing Science Center, crazy hat day, AND Halloween!  Fourth graders had such a spooktacular time setting off their rockets today at Pine Glen.  Thank you to Ms. Pavlicek and Mr. Musselman for all that you do to create hands-on science experiences for our students.

Ms. Pavlicek as Rocket Girl!

Joey caught his rocket!

Mr. Larkin got to set off the rocket that had more power!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Candy for our Troops

Pine Glen is once again joining other Burlington schools in collecting wrapped Halloween Candy for our troops overseas.  Over the last few years we have been able to send over 6000 lbs of candy to troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Please help us by sending in some of your Halloween candy or pick up an extra bag at the store in order to send a little Halloween cheer overseas!  Soldiers love getting cards and letters from kids back home.  If you would like to send a special message to a soldier overseas, please put your letter in the Orange Collection box along with your candy and we will make sure it gets to a soldier!