Room 207

Room 207
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Monday, January 28, 2013

Heirlooms, Ethnicity, and Traditions

This week we explored where our ancestors came from with our senior citizen friends.  We determined a lot of our families are from European countries.  It was so fun sharing family heirlooms and traditions.  Check out the pictures below of some of the interesting things that were brought in!
If you look closely, this plate has a calendar around the rim from the early 1900's.

Our radios look very different today!

This rooster is from Portugal.  There is a really interesting story about why the rooster is considered lucky.

Russian candle holders.

A bracelet from Germany, an Italian Santa candle, an Irish teapot, and a piece of a house built in the 1800's in Ireland.

Taylor and Carlie put stickers on the map to show where their ancestors are from.

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