Room 207

Room 207
Yahoo! Here we go 4th graders!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Read Alouds

Every two weeks, Judy comes in and reads aloud a picture book to our ELA class.  Judy was a volunteer as part of The Bridges program, Growing Older, Growing Together, which is in intergenerational program that brings fourth grade students and older adults of our community together. Our ELA class will participate in this program in January. Judy continues to volunteer her time apart from the program in our classroom.  We love listening to the stories that she shares with us.  Today we read Steven Kellogg's The Mysterious Tadpole. We typically follow up the reading with a writing, drawing, or ipad activity.  Today, inspired by the tadpole in the story who eats cheeseburgers, we made an ordinary animal extraordinary, gave it a name, and decided what it would eat by drawing it using our Drawing Pad app.

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