Room 207

Room 207
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Monday, February 23, 2015

Water Cycle Reader's Theater

During the past few weeks we have been practicing reading with expression.  To reinforce this skill, we worked with Mrs. Ardizzoni and Miss Fallon to take part in a Reader's Theatre about the Water Cycle.  We practiced our lines and read them from cue cards while wearing "costumes" in front of the green screen.  We even drew our own backgrounds that will show up behind us in the final project.  Check out our progress below:

The water cycle begins with the sun and water.
Tristan and Alyvia were ocean droplets that turned into water vapor.

Emma learned the importance of the sun to beginning evaporation.

Theo learned that water vapor turns into a cloud.

Brian condensed to become a snowflake that falls out of the cold cloud.

Ellie and Catalina melted into stream water and river water droplets riding the rapids.

Caitlyn and Paul learned what it would be like in a reservoir and to be tapwater.  I hope nobody drinks them or brushes their teeth with them. Ew!

From there, CJ learned what it would be like to be in a drain pipe.  Yikes!

Ayden was proud to be the sewage processing plant that "can even give bath water a bath!"

The process begins again as the water returns to the ocean.

Mrs. Ardizzoni used an ipad to video us.

 While others recorded their parts, we did an art activity to demonstrate the water cycle.


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