Room 207

Room 207
Yahoo! Here we go 4th graders!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

LegoLand Fun!

The fourth grade traveled to LegoLand Discovery Center in Somerville, MA to explore the idea of engineering and to test their knowledge of force and motion.  We saw some amazing things made of Lego!

Tristan and CJ got read to board the elevators to the top floor.

We were really excited to begin our adventure!

We got directions from Lego people about how to make Lego characters.

Concentrating as we attempted to make Lego characters

Catalina matched this life-sized Lego cheerleader.

There were replicas of major Boston landmarks all made out of Lego!

Did you add a silly face?

Joey and CJ tried not to touch the metal against the metal or it would buzz.

Theo, CJ, and Tristan cheered on their friends as they went through the Ninja maze.
Alyvia was ready for the ride, while Emma gets buckled in.
There were Lego blocks everywhere!

Our task was to make a car out of Lego that we could test on the track. 

Teamwork was key!

Was your car successful?

We learned that our wheels needed to rotate.

Go Racecar Go!

What a fun day!

Thank you so much to our chaperones, Mrs. Naddaff and Mrs. Conte, for helping to make our field trip such a success!

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