Room 207

Room 207
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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Blogs, Blogs, and More Blogs!

We wrapped up 2016 with collaboration with our Kindergarten friends in Mrs. Parnell's class.  Our Animal Projects began in November with determining the difference between living and nonliving things.  Then, we picked an animal and did research together to prove our animal is a living thing.  Next, we wrote scripts of questions and answers and made masks to show disguise ourselves as the animals.  Finally, we became movie stars in our own animal videos!  The last day before vacation was our viewing party.

Aaron, Nehemiah and Evan as owls

Check out Mrs. Parnell's blog for more awesome pictures of our activities.

As a class, we decided that PERSISTENCE will be a resolution of 2017.  Although some things may be challenging, we will work hard and try again as many times as needed to find success.  Ms. Marcus tasked us with building a structure using 30 gumdrops and 30 toothpicks that could hold two Social Studies text books.  It was definitely a challenge, but we persevered and learned how to work together to try difference things.  Though we may not have all been able to hold up our text books, we definitely enjoyed the process and look forward to demonstrating persistence in the future.  Please click on the link to the Ed Tech blog in order to learn more about the task and to watch a fun video of our attempts.

Mr. Lyons has featured 4th graders on his blog multiple times in the past few weeks.  We have had multiple Students of the Week from Room 207.  He also put some photos of our Cultural Day on his blog.

Finally, I wanted to share some memories of September - December of 2016 in Room 207.


 Penny Chemical Reaction
 Multiples Math Game

Writer's Notebook Fashion Show

 Rocket Day!

 We built these!

 Group Work during Social Studies

 We are all connected during Morning Meeting

We work all over the room.  Do you see Tremont?

4th grade loves PJ day!

 Student Council speeches

Marshmallow Flippers

 Becoming the Statue of Liberty

Using the Green Screen

 Lowell Mills lunch

December concert

Mrs. Eagar (formerly Ms. Hayes) a Mystery Guest Reader

Mackenzie's uncle, Harry, who serves in the Air Force and went to Pine Glen came and read to us

Mrs. Lynch read to us and did a fish activity.

Tremont is ready to learn more. Are you?


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