Room 207

Room 207
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Friday, October 9, 2015

Number Corner Reveal...

During the month of September we learned about Egyptian symbols.  Each day we kept track of the symbols and related them to our modern numbers.  We learned that the pattern was multiples of 11.  I challenged the students during the second week of school and then the parents at Open House to predict what the symbols on the last card would be.  Here is the reveal of the final day:

Missy adds to our calendar and chart during the last week of September.

We looked at our predictions to see if anyone was correct.

Kevin flipped over our final card.  Even though there are only 30 days in September, we had 31 cards.

Our 31st card show 3 scrolls, 2 heel bones, and 1 staff, which equals 341.  31X11 =341

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